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Our Coffee

Coffee is a ritual that we take pride in on a daily basis. Our skilled baristas understand that it’s not only about the coffee, but also about the experience. Whether it’s drip coffee, a pour over, or a made to order espresso drink, quality is our top priority.

The Daily Coffee Bar serves fair and sustainable Yellowstone Coffee, artisan roasted by Tim and Liz Weyer. The Weyers carefully select their beans and roast them in a small batch roaster. They enjoy the art and technique of bringing something special from the farm to your cup. 12oz whole bean bags, medium and dark roasted, are offered for sale at each location.

Our espresso blend is unique to The Daily Coffee Bar and roasted especially for us. The flavor characteristics and notes include: full bodied, fruit forward, sweet, chocolate and smooth. We work closely with our roaster to offer a consistent shot of espresso, every time.

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